Ventilation: Why Is It Necessary For Plant Growth?

By Henry Llere / On / In Blog

Ventilation is very important especially for indoor plants. The warm, old air needs to be removed, and it needs to be replaced with cool and fresh air. When this happens, it is only then that the plants can grow well and flourish. A few people prefer looking at additional resources, so as to grow plants successfully.

The rooms where these plants grow need ventilation due to the following reasons:

According to the experts at GrassCity.Com, plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day, and these levels get depleted. When the levels get too low, the plants stop growing. Ventilation is used so that fresh air is brought into the room and with it, more Carbon dioxide is brought in. This allows photosynthesis to continue at a continuous pace.
These plants also give up water vapor, and this increases the levels of humidity. When the humidity gets too high, the flowers and buds are attacked by mold and fungus. When there is ventilation, this moist air is removed, and it gets replaced with air which is drier, and therefore the plants are protected as a result of this.

Grow lights are also used to create heat as well as to give light. Plants require and do well with heat between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. When there is a higher temperature than this, the photosynthesis rates decrease. Ventilation is necessary to prevent overheating of the indoor gardens. At the same time if the temperature is too low, the photosynthesis rate decreases and so this is not advisable as well and so grow lights which provide heat and light are the preferred option.

Even sealed environments are supplemented with carbon dioxide, and air needs to be dumped. Therefore, ventilation is needed.
The grow rooms which are larger are better than smaller ones as they provide better ventilation. However, low ceilings are problematic for building up the heat. Ventilation is good as it extracts air from the grow room.

What needs to be ensured is the fact that too much ventilation is also bad and for that, the fan speed needs to be thermostatically controlled. This prevents the room from drying out too much and for too much air from being removed.

The reflectors which are air cooled help heat to be emitted from the grow light and you are able to better control the environment of the indoor garden.

You should extract air to the outside so that fresh air can be drawn from inside. Air filters, as well as bug screens, are also put in so that the air is purified in the room so that contamination can be prevented from mold, fungus, and bugs. The air should also be moved around the grow room by oscillating fans. This is used to simulate a breeze. The fan, however, should not be aimed directly at the plants.

The air in the garden needs to be replaced every minute. Therefore a garden which has 800 cubic feet needs more than 800 CFM fans as there are inefficiencies which need to be compensated for which are caused due to ducting and carbon filters.

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