The Importance Of Hiring A Good Trustee For Your Consumer Report Filing

By Henry Llere / On / In Blog

Debt proposal is considered as a great option for debt relief in Canada. However, the fact is that not everyone will qualify for this option. You can seek the service of Doyle Salewski if you want to file a consumer proposal. Before you consider the option of the consumer proposal, you should see whether you are actually eligible for that. In Canada, people who have debt less than $250000 is are eligible for this option. There are many legal formalities attached consumer proposal filing process. You can log onto to access the legal forms and documents related to the consumer proposal.

To find out whether you are eligible for consumer proposal, you should have a consultation with a trustee, who will tell whether you are eligible and also provide other advice. It is the trustee, who will file the proposal on behalf of you. The creditors will have to accept or reject the proposal offered by the trustee. You should keep in mind that sending proposal alone cannot guarantee the desired results. The trustee should be good enough to negotiate with the creditors and draft a proposal that will satisfy both the debtor and creditor.

With consumer proposal, you will pay reduced monthly installment and also stay away from the phone calls from creditors and collection agencies. However, to achieve desired results, you need to seek the service of a licensed insolvency trustee. You can browse the Internet and find the names of many trustees. But what is more important is find a one, who is well experienced and proficient. This is the reason why you should never select a trustee blindly. Take your time to do the research and find a good trustee. You can talk to your friends, families, and relatives to get testimonials and opinions about the trustees in Canada. You can find trustee, who are ready to offer free initial consultation to the prospective client.

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