How To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

By Henry Llere / On / In Blog

Amidst the present crazy schedule and erratic lifestyle, have you noticed that your crowning glory has turned into a thin reed? If you have been losing hair lately, it could be because you have been using the wrong shampoo. What is big 3 hairloss prevention shampoo? Recent issues in portal have an eloquent about this mild and color-safe product.

When you step inside a supermarket, you are greeted by a variety of shampoos in all flavors and attractive colors. There are products for normal hair, anti-dandruff shampoo, and color-safe products. Each of these cleansers promises to restore shine and increase the volume of your hair. Which then is the right shampoo for you?

Identify Your Hair Type
Before you set your eyes on the expensive shampoo, identify your scalp and hair type. If you have oily hair, ensure that the shampoo is pH balanced. Often, a harsh cleanser might cause hair fall to occur. The pH level of a regular shampoo is 6.5 and is gentle on the scalp. It helps retain moisture and keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

People with dry hair have complaints of itchiness and flaking of the scalp. You must look for shampoos that hydrate your hair. This means that a cleanser with chemicals must be strictly avoided.

The sight of curly hair falling on forehead and shoulders is sensuous. On the flip side, ask anyone who has curly hair, and they will tell it is the hardest to maintain. You have to select shampoo with protein content. They should serve the purpose of moisturizing and deep conditioning the hair.

Limp hair has an overdose of oily secretions and must be treated with a mild shampoo. Damaged hair can be identified by the split ends and the frizzy nature. A good moisturizing shampoo should do the trick and help control the frizz.

Choose Natural Products
Your hair loves to get pampered by nature, and the harsh chemicals found in shampoos strip the natural oils from the scalp. Buy a hair-care product that has natural ingredients. Read the label printed on the product and watch out for substances like sodium lauryl sulfate and siloxanes. Stay away from them.

Lather Up

Most people are of the opinion that greater the lather, better is the product. On the contrary, less lather is ideal for hair as the dirt and grime bind to the shampoo.

What About Colored Hair?
If you have got your hair colored, they require special care and attention. Hair color contains ammonia and other chemicals which are unfriendly to the gentle strands. Protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun and buy shampoos that have been specifically manufactured for colored hair.
Use a nourishing shampoo that provides nutrition to the treated hair.

Itchy Scalp
Flakes of dead cells on your shoulders and hair is embarrassing. The constant itchy and flaking scalp aggravates the prevalent condition. An effective anti-dandruff shampoo will combat flaking and keeps your tresses clean and shiny.

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is no mean feat. Spare some time to examine your hair, and choose the products accordingly.